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STEREOLITHIC                (Craig B Schwarz)
Crazy Girl                          (The Mitchell Band)
If I Had It My Way              (The Mitchell Band)
Come Back Home             (Andrea Bryant)
Light A Candle                   (Alicia-voice over)
Oh Holy Night                    (Alicia-voice over)
The Christmas Shoes        (Alicia (voice over)
I Love You Lord                 (Angelyn Cater)
Funky T                              (Darryl Omahem)
UP                                      (Darryl Omahem)
Isabella                               (Darryl Omahem)
Sweet Tea                          (Darryl Omahem)
Blue Sky                             (Darryl Omahem)
Voodoo Scales                   (Darryl Omahem)
Latin Fuse                          (Darryl Omahem)
Zappa Lane                        (Darryl Omahem)
Do You RIF Like I Do?        (Darryl Omahem)
Fuse It                                (Darryl Omahem)
Vaish                                  (Darryl Omahem)
Hot Tub Blues                    (Darryl Omahem)
Quiet Storm                        (Darryl Omahem)
Palms Down                       (Darryl Omahem)
Zip Ties                              (Darryl Omahem)
Steppin Out                        (Darryl Omahem)
Here Am I                            (Kirk Adams)
The Only Jesus                  (Kirk Adams)
Wonderful                           (Kirk Adams)
None But Christ                  (Kirk Adams)
Message In The Sky          (Craig B Schwarz)
Tacy’s Song                       (Craig B Schwarz)
Tracie's Song                     (Craig B Schwarz)
For Good                           (The Mini’s-voice over)
Over The Rainbow             (The Mini’s-voice over)
Lit Up With The Truth         (Sweeter Than Honey)
Peace In The Valley           (Pastor Michael Miller)
Do You Know Him              (Pastor Michael Miller)
Come Away With Me        (Melissa Cleveland)
Decay                               (Havlock)
Not Yet                             (Havlock)
Save Me                           (Havlock)
Something That Matters   (Havlock)
Where You Are                 (Havlock)
Wonderful                         (Havlock)
You Said Wait                  (Havlock)
All Who Are Thirsty           (David Crespo)
Quiet My Mind                  (David Crespo)
Carol of the Bells              (Fusion)
All I’ve Known                   (Mitch Mahaney)
A  New Song                    (Scott Young)
America                            (Scott Young rendition)
Kathy’s Song                    (Scott Young rendition)
Don’t Let It Bring You Down (Scott Young rendition)
Goodness of The Lord     (Soul Surrendered)
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